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Doris Shares Their Reliv StoryÖ

When I heard about Reliv in May of 1995, I was trying to balance home schooling my daughter with caring for my mother who had Alzheimerís Disease and was struggling through each day on pain killers for my back injury and menopause issues. My husband had retired from pastoral ministry, was working with a non-profit organization and our financial situation was bleak. We didnít own a home, he was in his 60ís, and there were no answers on the horizon.

We drove two hours to meet Relivís President, Bob Montgomery who was speaking for a group of distributors. That meeting had a major impact on me. I was intrigued by the stories of health results because of my nursing background, but stories from people adding thousands of dollars to their family income through Reliv business grabbed my attention. When you are sick, and broke, sometimes you donít know which one is the greater pain. Reliv seemed to offer hope for both health and finances.

Reliv was only seven years old when we became distributors. We had the joy of bringing the opportunity to North Carolina, and quickly to other areas. We were so excited about what we had found that we had a fervor that was contagious. Everybody in our family saw positive health results and friends joined us as customers or business partners. In just a month we plugged that financial hole and began to see a positive cash flow.

I had no way of knowing when I joined Reliv that it would be not only a lifeline, but a way of life.

Just eighteen months after we started our Reliv business, my husband died of a sudden heart attack. Our daughter had just turned sixteen. I became the sole support of our family overnight. My Reliv friends surrounded me with compassion and support, and in spite of that year of challenges, I ended that year with over a six-figure income.

For the next five years, I built my business with determination fueled both by need and belief. I paid cash for my daughterís college education, bought a home, traveled the world with Reliv on three continents, enjoyed vacations at world-class resorts and moved through the ranks of the Ambassador program.

Henry Leissing and I met when we were both sixty years old. Henry brought his skills and love of people to our business and to our family. Together we have continued to serve our growing Reliv organization. Because of the time and financial freedom of Reliv, Henry has accomplished his lifelong dream of going to law school. I have been able to invest in opportunities for my children and grandchildren, to enjoy time with our family, and to pursue my interest in writing and servant-leadership development.

We are passionate about the lifestyle that Reliv provides for people of any background who desire to serve others through caring about their health and their financial freedom. Although Henry and I are now past retirement age, we are excited about life and are grateful for a calling and purpose that are worthwhile. We want to leave a legacy of service and excellence by investing in those who will continue to carry the Reliv torch into the future.

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